Flourishing Approach Lecture by Riva Greenberg

Kenichi-Kai Walk-A-Thon

Jazz Concert

Kenichi-Kai Assembly

Guido Ruffino Prize awarded to Itsuko Yamada Celebration Party

Kenichi-Kai Committe Meeting in
Education Center of Kenichi Yamada Internal Medicine Clinic

Jazz Concert

Kenichi-Kai Walk-A-Thon

Kenichi-Kai Assembly

Kenichi-Kai Committee Meeting in
Education Center of Kenichi Yamada Internal Clinic

Kenichi-Kai Assembly in Autumn

Kenichi-Kai Walk-A-Thon (Tagajo-Ayame Park)

Kenichi-Kai Assembly and Flute Concert by Keiichi Kondo

Kenichi-Kai Round-Table-Talk

The 25 years anniversary of Kenichi Yamada Internal Medicine Clinic

Kenichi-Kai Assembly The 25 years anniversary speach of Kenichi Yamada,
Suzume Dance

Kenichi-Kai Assembly Rakugo and Kuchibue

Kenichi-Kai Comittee Meeting

Kenichi-Kai Walk-A-Thon (Tagajo-Ayame Park)

Kenichi-Kai Assembly and Fruits Buffet Assembly

Kenichi-Kai Assembly and Marimba Concert

Metaplan analysis with Bigsize Diabetes Dialogue Map and
Disaster Prevention Measures

Kenichi-Kai Assembly Flute Concert

Kenichi-Kai Cello Concert "Calming Hearts Autumnal Concert"

Participated in Meeting of European Association Study of Diabetes in Sweden.
Diabetes Dialogue Map Advancement Meeting.
Dr.Jean-Philippe Assal, Kenichi Yamada, Itsuko Yamada

Kenichi-Kai Group Conference; participated in international debate on
Diabetes Dialogue Map in Switzerland. Kenichi Yamada, ItsukoYamada

Kenichi-Kai Walk-A-Thon (Tagajo-Ayame Park)

Kenichi-Kai Fruit Buffet Assembly

Kenichi-Kai Release of "Ayame" Pamphlet 18th edition

Kenichi-Kai Group Dialogue Conference

Friendship Meeting "Kenichi-Kai"

"Kenichi-Kai" Events and Joint Events

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In 1991, we shared knowledge and talked about everyone's warries
as we formed the Kenichi-Kai in order to help people live with diabetes
and create an oasis for their hearts.
We have since been peacefully continuing our work.
Annual membership price: 2500 Yen
(includes payments for pamphlets of Japan Diabetes Association)

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